Custom Rigid box manufacturer

Custom rigid box specification

Michael Package manufacture rigid box and customize rigid box according to different needs of customers. Custom specifications below.

  • Material: 1.8mm~3.0mm thickness greyboard; wrap paper: art paper, special paper, leather paper.

  • Printing: 6 color offset printing machine; soy ink

  • Finishing: foiling, spot uv, embossing, debossing, matte lamination, gloss lamination

  • Style: setup box, shoulder box, book style box, drawer box,  telescope box, special shape box, magnetic closing lid box, tube.

  • Accessories: steel handle

  • Dust-free workshop

  • Production capacity: 3 automatic production lines.  6 manual box production lines. 20,000pcs/day(normal setup box)

  • Minimum order quantity: 2000pcs

custom rigid box manufacturer in China

Rigid box style

rigid box style--base and lid rigid box

Lid and base box

rigid box style--rigid box with window

Box with window

rigid box style--heart shape rigid box

Heart shape box

rigid box style -- rigid shoulder box

Shoulder box

rigid box style--drawer rigid box

Drawer box

rigid box style--Rigid box with magnetic closure flap

Box with magnetic closure flap

rigid box style--book style rigid box

Book style box

rigid box style--rigid tube box


rigid box style--cabinet rigid box

Cabinet box

Material of Rigid box

raw material of rigid box--greyboard

Greyboard ---- body of rigid box

Greyboard is the body of rigid box.It is made from 100% recycled materials (fibre). All the greyboard we purchase are FSC certified.


Because of the stiffness of Greyboard, it is the fabulous material to make rigid box. Greyboard help to build a strong structure when we create rigid box.

Decorative wrapping paper ---- cloth of rigid box

As we know greyboard is the main body of rigid box. Decorative wrapping paper is like the clothes of rigid box. It makes rigid box more beautiful and more attractive to customers.

We have a variety of decorative paper.

Different texture, color, touch feel......

We will help you to make unique rigid box with excellent color and great touch.

material of rigid box--decorative paper
Premium finishes of rigid box
Spot UV
Matte lamination
Glossy lamination
Hollow out
We are manufacturer of rigid box
Michael Package has been in manufacturing rigid box for 20 years.In the past 20 years, we keep looking for better supply chains, machines, technicians, in order to bring the best rigid box to customers.
We cooperate with chocolate company, cosmetic company, wine company all over the world, like Australia, Canada, UK, UAE, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia...
We are very happy to customize rigid boxes for you.

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All the decorative paper we purchase are FSC certified