About us

Founded in 1998 by Mr.Michael Lau and Jack Zheng.Company is located in Hangzhou,China.


Michael Package manufactures paper cushion pads and custom rigid box.Accumulating packaging experience is a long process.We keep trying new materials and new artwork.Strictly manage our supply chain.In order to bring clients the best paper cushion pads and custom rigid box to show the their brand image.In the past 20 years,we have helped nearly 1,000 clients with packaging.

In 2003,company exclusively invented the first production line of

paper cushion pads in China.And we still occupy most of Chinese market of paper cushion pads which are used in chocolate box until today.And expanded our business to overseas markets, including Australia, Canada, the United States, Spain, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE...

Our staff

180 experienced workers,4 designers,6 quality control person,8 sales.

Our group is not big, but very professional.

Our philosophy

Never settle for the status quo.Keep trying,keep innovating.

Company Founder Mr. Michael Lau

Founder:Mr.Michael Lau

This is dust-free workshop of Michael Package.
This is Automatic rigid box assemble machine of Michael Package.
This is Manual production box lines of Michael Package.
This is Off-set printing machine of Michael Package.

Dust-free workshop is necessary to produce certain products,like chocolate box,paper cushion pads.

Maximum box size:820*820mm

Minimum box size:124*124mm

2000 pcs/h

Some complicated boxes cannot be completed on automatic machines, our experienced staff make them.

Off-set printing machine

Maximum paper feed size:520*740mm

12,000 pcs/h

This is Raw material warehouse of Michael Package.

Raw material warehouse

We store all raw materials separately to maintain hygiene

and control humidity.

This is Material processing workshop of Michael Package.

Material processing workshop

Raw material processing is in our first floor workshop.Including die-cutting,hot stamping.

This is Finished goods warehouse of Michael Package.

After quality inspection, we put the finished product in the third floor workshop

This is sample room of Michael Package.

Sample room

Various boxes,paper cushion pads,paper bags show to our client coming to our company.