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Custom Candy Pads For Chocolate

Michael Package prides itself in providing custom candy pads. Our high-quality manufacturing process can make your chocolate packaging look unique and keep chocolate safe.

Custom specification

We manufacture and customize candy pads according to the different needs of each customer.

We think the only custom makes your brand unique.

  • 2ply, 3ply, 5ply, 7ply, and 9ply.

  • paper cushions for a wide range of thickness options (ranges from 1mm to 10mm).

  • available in white, brown, black, or printing.

  • Gold foil and Metallized paper are available for custom candy pads.

  • Custom logo printing services.

  • Die-cutting to rectangle, square, round, heart, or any custom shape.

Demonstrate the thickness of 3ply, 5ply, and 7ply candy pads.

What are candy pads?

Our high-quality candy pads provide exceptional protection for your chocolate products.

These pads act as a natural spring for your chocolates, giving enough cushion ensuring that moving and shipping won't break up your delicious chocolates. Our pads fit perfectly in your chocolate boxes.

brown candy pad
5ply candy pad

Candy pads are made of multi-layered paper, the inner structure like spring, these little "springs" act as cushioning for candies. It will keep chocolates safe in the box.

Our Commitment To Food Safety

Brand owners design their food packaging with a beautiful style to attract consumers' attention. At the same time, the safety of food packaging is more important.

What are Candy Pads Made Of?

The embossed glassine paper is the inner layer of candy pad.

Our Candy pads are made of glassine paper.
Glassine paper is resistant to grease, does not absorb water, and has high resistance to the air passage. Glassine paper is the best raw material for manufacturing our products.

And glassine paper we use is food grade. Ensuring it can come into contact with your chocolates with no concerns. 

All the Candy pads we produce are 100% recyclable and eco-friendly. We make our pads in a dust-free environment, ensuring no chance of contamination.

What Ink Do We Use?

Our manufacturing plant allows you to select custom elements. We can print your logo on candy pads—up to 8 colors to choose from.

We use food-grade ink. Our ink produces no traceable smell. That means there will be no smell during transportation or after your customers receive the chocolates. And there is no chance of harm to your chocolates.

The candy pad printed in green with gold logos.

Our Step-By-Step Process For Packing Candy Pads 

Packing candy pads step 1
Packing candy pads step 2
Packing candy pads step 3
Packing candy pads step 4
Packing candy pads step 5

Step 1: We put your pads in a carton, and separate each layer with glassine paper.

Step 2: More glassine paper goes on top

Step 3: We wrap that in a layer of food-safe plastic bag to prevent dust from entering.

Step 4: We use 5-layer corrugated boxes for shipping.

Step 5: Put a sticker on the carton and send it out.

Extra Protection For Candy Pads

Ensure your candy pads arrive in good condition. We have excellent protection for the outer carton.


We use Edge Protectors, which increase the rigidity of the carton. Make sure your candy pads remain well when you receive them.

Edge protectors for outer carton

Why Choose Michael Package for Your Candy Packaging Needs?

Want to start custom candy pads quickly? Check our step-by-step beginner's guide to help you.

  • What Is Candy Pad?
    Candy pads protect fragile confectioneries like chocolates, cookies, and dates. It fits perfectly in the box. It's food-grade and can touch food directly. Candy pads have different thickness options: 3ply, 5ply, 7ply, and 9ply.
  • Benefits Of Candy Pads
    1) Candy pads can touch food directly. It's food grade. 2) There is no smell emanating from the raw materials, adhesive, and ink used in the production process of candy pads. 3) 100% recyclable.
  • What Are Candy Pads Made Of?
    Candy pads made of glassine paper. Glassine paper is smooth, glossy, and grease resistant. It is also suitable for printing.
  • Are Candy Pads Eco-Friendly?
    Yes, our candy pads are Eco-Friendly. The raw material used in making candy pads – The cellulose fiber extracted from wood is a natural resource that is renewable and continually growing. When candy pads mistakenly dumped into the environment, their natural characteristics cause them to degrade.
  • Can Candy Pads Be Customized For My Brand?
    Yes, we can customize your candy pads: size, shape, and logo printing. Customized candy pads improve the overall aesthetics of your packaging.
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