Custom Paper cushion pads for chocolate

Michael Package specializes in providing customized paper cushion pads for chocolate. We offer high-quality packaging that looks unique and keeps your chocolate safe.

Customization Options

We produce and customize paper cushion pads with the various needs of each customer. Custom specifications are below.

  • 2ply, 3ply, 5ply, 7ply

  • Thicknesses from 1mm to 10mm

  • Color: brown, white, black, or printing up to 8 colors

  • die-cutting to any shape: square, round, heart, etc.

  • Made with food-grade glassine paper.

Each paper cushion pad is made with care in our dust-free workshop. We have two automatic production lines that can create 80,000 pcs/day.

Why Paper Cushion Pads?

Paper cushion pads (also known as "chocolate cushion pads" or "candy pads") are widely used to protect confectionery products. 

Our clients use them for the following needs:

· Chocolate box

· Cookies tin

· Candy box

· Dates box

The primary function of paper cushion pads is to protect fragile confectioneries like chocolates, cookies, candy, and dates from damage during transportation.

It is made with small embossed balls with many ply options; due to the structure of cushion pads, it can absorb external shock, keeping your precious chocolates safe.

paper cushion pads for chocolate box

Material Of Our Cushion Pads

glassine paper

Our paper cushion pads are made of glassine paper, a grease-resistant, non-absorbent material that keeps air out. It protects items from moisture and can be creased and folded. Glassine paper is the best raw material to protect chocolate and promote food safety.

The glassine paper we use is food grade, recyclable, and eco-friendly. Michael Package believes in a sustainable focus on all products we create. 

Our dust-free plant is suitable for producing paper cushion pads with no chance of contamination. We prioritize food safety in all things that we do.

Why Choose Michael Package

Our sales map of chocolate cushion pads

In 2003, Michael Package started the first production line of paper cushion pads in China. We dominate the Chinese market. Our paper packaging is used in stores across the country.


We cooperate with chocolate factories, confectionery companies, and packaging companies worldwide. Our reach extends to Australia, Canada, the United States, UK, UAE, New Zealand, Spain, India, Singapore, Malaysia, and many more.

If you are looking for high-quality paper cushion pad producers for your confectionary products, Michael Package is your production partner.