Custom Paper cushion pads for chocolate

Custom details

We produce paper cushion pads and customize paper cushion pads according to the different needs of each customer. Custom specifications are below.

  • 2ply, 3ply, 5ply, 7ply paper cushion pads

  • we can customize different thicknesses from 1mm to 10mm

  • Color: brown, white, black, gold...               also printing up to 8 colors

  • die-cutting to any shape: square, round, heart...

  • Material: glassine paper, food-grade

  • Dust-free workshop

  • Production capacity:2 automatic production lines. 80,000 pcs/day

  • Minimum order quantity: 2000pcs each size

Function of paper cushion pads

Paper cushion pads are widely used as a protection cushion in confectionery packaging such as chocolate box, cookies tin, candy box, dates box.

The main function of paper cushion pads is to protect fragile confectionery such as chocolates, cookies, candy, dates from damage during transportation.

It is made in 3ply, 5ply, 7ply with embossed small balls, due to the structure of paper cushion pads, it can absorb external shock, keep the original look until customers open the box.

paper cushion pads for chocolate box

Material of Paper cushion pads


Paper cushion pads are made of glassine paper.
Glassine Paper is grease resistant, non-absorbent, with high resistance to the passage of air. It protects items from moisture and can be creased and folded. So glassine paper is the best raw material for manufacturing paper cushion pads.

And glassine paper we use is food grade. Paper pads can touch confectionery directly. Paper cushion pads are recyclable and eco-friendly. And our dust-free plant is suitable for the production of paper cushion pads.

We are manufacturer of paper cushion pads

The business map of Michael Package
In 2003, Michael Package exclusively invented the first production line of paper cushion pads in China. And we still occupy most of the Chinese market of paper cushion pads which are used in the chocolate boxes until today.

We cooperate with chocolate factories, confectionery companies, packaging companies around the world. Such as Australia, Canada, the United States, UAE, Spain, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia...

If you need custom paper cushion pads for your chocolates, we would like to help you.