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As a responsible printing and packaging company, Michael Package continues to strive for quality and excellence. It is at our core that we dedicate with enthusiasm to operate with high business morality and ethical standards. Our business philosophy strongly commits to best practice, safety, and ensuring environmental protection.
All the plants of Michael Package are accredited with ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Certification. We are dedicated to quality and have both R&D (research and development) and QA (quality assurance) departments in all manufacturing sites. Our QA and R&D departments work closely. Ensure clients' products pass the necessary quality tests.
We encourage the use of fewer materials, less energy to produce, minimizing production waste, and encourage cost savings, use of FSC® or recycled material.

We have a fully seamless production flow between our factory production areas to our warehouses. We have adopted an intelligent management system to safely pack finished goods into cartons and transport them to our warehouse ready for shipping and delivery. With many years of exporting experience, we take measures to ensure that your products are well protected and not damaged on the way. We also offer a variety of delivery options depending on customer scheduling. Throughout the last 20 years, we’ve exported to more than 20 countries.

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