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How Do We Keep Your Candy Pads Safe During Shipping?

Can transport company guarantee candy pads delivered to you in good condition?

Of course not. That is the conclusion I have come to over the years.

Shipping problem

We can't rely on transport companies to protect our candy pads well, even we pack them very carefully. Trust me, we've had too many bad experiences.


How do we solve this problem? We use Edge Protectors

We add edge protectors to the four sides of each carton.

They can increase the rigidity of the carton and can reduce the risk of carton being compressed, preventing candy pads damage and ensuring they remain in good condition when you receive them.

That is the best solution we came up with after many tests, and we keep using it.


If you also need to send large packages to your customers frequently, I recommend using Edge Protectors.

  1. Protect your goods safe

  2. Save your money and time on damaged goods

  3. Protect the good name of your business

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