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Paper Cushion Pad Lesson 2: Choose Material

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

We have three different materials for paper cushion pads; depending on your packaging type, you can select the most suitable material.

Option 1: Glassine Paper

The raw material for most of the paper pads we produce is glassine paper. It is smooth, glossy, and easy to print. It's no problem to choose this material.

The glassine paper has three basic color options: white, brown, and black. We can also print your color on glassine paper.

Glassine paper basic color options: white, brown and black

Option 2: Foil

Foil cushion pad

The foil is very thin and different touch. You can see the logo on "Foil Cushion Pad". It's different. It's not like normal printing; we use spot UV to make that effect.

The logo is very shiny and makes your logo stand out even more.

Option 3: Metallized Paper

Metallized paper pads

The metallized paper pad is the best partner to match your luxury packaging.

The beautiful color will give cushion pads luxury and attractive looks. Suitable for printing as glassine paper.

Final words

No matter which material you choose, it is guaranteed to be food-grade; this is our commitment to food safety. Let us know which one you choose.

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