Beginner guide to custom candy pads

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Custom candy pads guide

Are you feeling overwhelmed with how to custom candy pads? Don't worry; Follow our step-by-step guide to help you customize candy pads.

Step 1: Choose the basic color

We have three color options for candy pads: white, brown, and black.

Three color options for candy pads

Step 2: Choose thickness

We provide 3ply, 5ply, 7ply, and 9ply candy pads with different thicknesses for your choice.

Different thickness options for candy pads

Thicker candy pads will provide better protection. If your product is fragile such as chocolate or cookies, we suggest you choose 5ply candy pads or thicker.

Step 3: Confirm the size and shape

We recommend that candy pads be 2mm smaller than your chocolate boxes or tins.

Candy pad size is 2mm smaller than the box

Step 4: Printing logo

We provide printing services.

1. Confirm color

We can print according to your logo color or send us CMYK code.

Printed candy pad

2. Choose logo printing style

  • Random pattern

  • Print the logo at the location you specify

Different logo printing style

Step 5: Send printing document

We recommend that you send AI or PDF format files, which are more suitable for printing. If you are not familiar with that, our designer can help you.

AI or PDF format file is suitable for printing

Start your custom candy pads project

I think you already know how to customize your candy pads. It's time to start your project. Luckily you found Michael Package, a professional manufacturer of custom candy pads. Please contact us anytime to start your custom candy pads project.

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