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10 FAQs About Candy Pads

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

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We have done the candy pads business for more than 15 years and have helped hundreds of clients with their candy packaging. There are some questions our clients always ask. We list ten frequently asked questions about candy pads.

What is a candy pad?

Candy pad

Candy pads (also known as chocolate cushion pads) are a means of protection while transporting your candies like chocolate. Chocolate is not very durable, with any small jolt causing damage. By using candy pads, you prevent this damage. You can also use them for custom branding purposes.

What are candy pads made of?

Glassine paper is the raw material of candy pads

We make our candy pads using glassine paper. Glassine is a smooth and glossy paper perfect for accepting design and maintaining candy security.

Glassine paper after the embossing process gets many small balls to act as a natural spring. This structure provides the candy pad with cushioning. That's why candy pads can protect your chocolate.

Glassine paper also comes in multiple thickness levels for different levels of protection. Glassine's use as pulp material makes it ideal for long-distance transport.

Do candy pads help with food safety?

Glassine paper is known for being a primarily non-porous material. Its natural resistance against air, water, and grease make it food safe for all transportation needs. As a result, candy pads can help with food safety.

Other manufacturers do not use the same type of porous material. Instead, they might use less porous material to save money on manufacturing costs. These cheaper materials save cash but will often give up during transit.

In addition, our packaging is made using food-grade ink. This means our packaging is safe to come in contact with any food item. It also resists heat and leaking.

What are candy pads suitable for?

Candy pads can help your company out in two primary ways:

  • First, candy pads provide a cushion below the chocolate (or whatever candy you need to store) for security.

  • Second, candy pads provide an excellent opportunity to place your brand.

Candy pads provide a bit of "bounce room." In addition, the use of glassine paper creates an air and waterproof surface. This specialized material acts as natural protection against the elements.

What are some custom options for candy pads?

Customized candy pads

Candy pads have three available customization options:

  • Color - our color customization options allow for white, brown, black, and any printing.

  • Shape - Die-cutting can shape pads into rectangles, squares, circles, and hearts. You can also get custom shapes if you are feeling creative.

  • Thickness - Candy pads come in multiple ply thickness options. Thicker ply candy pads usually provide more protection.

Customization varies slightly depending on the organization you work with. For example, Michael Package can help customize all three elements listed above for your needs.

What does a higher ply candy pad mean?

5ply candy pad

Ply is a term used across multiple industries to indicate the thickness of layers. In candy pads, a two-ply pad is thinner than a five-ply pad. This is similar to how companies measure paper towels.

The benefits of a thicker ply are the following:

  • Thicker ply materials are more durable.

  • Using more layers means there is a more excellent cushion

  • It helps you maintain the security of items within.

The only trade-off for using thicker ply materials is that they typically take more room. While the space is never anything too crazy, large-scale shipping operations will have to account for a more significant cost change.

How long does it take for customization?

The customization process for cutting and design s usually seven to ten days. This process includes cutting and printing, which can vary mainly depending on how complicated the process is. cutting mold customization, printing mold customization.

Some manufacturing jobs can take up to 30 days (including shipping), not uncommon for overseas groups. Bear in mind it does take longer given the need to address shipping abroad. If you live in the western United States the shipping time for this process will be much shorter.

What is the best size for candy pads?

the best candy pad size is 2mm smaller than the box

Candy pads should be 2mm smaller than the inner diameter of your chocolate box or tin. The breathing room will give your chocolate the room to bounce, picking up your candy pads. This ensures that transportation companies will not break it in the jolt of a sudden bump on the ground.

The highest chance of damage to your shipped materials is that sudden jolt. When tensing your muscles after a car accident, your body will feel it. But you don' want to be so loose that you fly around freely. This is why you wear a seatbelt while driving.

Thinking about candy in this way will give it just enough room to not slam against more complex surfaces; this is why you need some looseness. Consider candy pads to be the seatbelts of candy transportation.

How do I store candy pads?

The best place to store candy pads needs to be cool, dry

The best place to store candy pads is in a cool, dry place that doesn't have any dust. So you'll want to avoid sunlight if at all possible.

The cool environment prevents your pads from heating up. Heat is more likely to push the aging process of your cushions, making them curl up and wither. If it is also wet, your pads are more likely to mold over, affirming the importance of the dry environment.

If you have dust build-up on your candy pads, you'll need to clean them. You can't use a dusty candy pad, so stick to environments sealed away from these natural elements.

Do candy pads expire?

Technically, candy pads do not expire. However, paper ages regardless of the best storage conditions. Because of this, you should acquire replacement cushions once a year. If you use them all up before the year comes up, you've got good inventory management skills.

The natural aging of paper will make the candy look less appetizing. Even in scenarios where there s nothing wrong with the paper, people won't buy from you again if everything (including packaging) doesn't look delicious.


Did these answers solve your problem? If you have any other issues about candy pads, please leave your comments. We are happy to answer it.

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