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Useful tips for custom chocolate packaging

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

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Elements to Consider When Choosing Packaging for Chocolates Whether it’s savory dark chocolate drops or sweet Belgian chocolate bars, how

you package and present your product is the key to success in the chocolate industry. After all, custom chocolate packaging is what draws customers in and helps you separate yourself from the competition.

Read on to discover more about the important role customized chocolate packaging has in your business and what elements you need to consider before starting the custom packaging process.

The Importance of Customized Chocolate Packaging

To be successful in the chocolate industry long term, you need to bring premium and unique chocolate flavors to your customers. You should also prioritize the packaging that showcases your product. Ultimately, the packaging you choose for your premium chocolates is the first impression consumers receive regarding your chocolate shop.

Therefore, it is essential to present your brand and chocolate in the best light possible through custom chocolate packaging. This attractive, brand-focused packaging will leave a lasting impact and have customers running back for more.

Elements to Consider When Choosing Packaging for Chocolates

Every chocolatier who’s been in the chocolate business for a while understands that packaging often matters as much as, and sometimes more than, flavor. That is why choosing the right customized chocolate packaging for your decadent sweets is vital to the success and longevity of your business.

When choosing your customized chocolate packaging, you need to consider two key elements: design and material. Below, you will find more information on choosing the right custom chocolate packaging for your business goals and what the top elements include.


design color

When it comes down to it, packaging design is what attracts customers to a particular product — especially when there might be hundreds of other options sitting nicely along the shelf. So, to draw notice to your chocolates, you must use an aesthetically pleasing design that captures customers’ attention.

How do you ensure your custom chocolate packaging has an aesthetically pleasing design sure to catch their eye? You focus on the following three points.

  • Uniqueness - You want to incorporate a strong point of uniqueness with your custom chocolate packaging, ensuring that it distinguishes itself from the competition. Many unique options are available when designing your chocolate packaging. Some of these include:

    • Flip Top Window Boxes

    • Drawer Style Boxes

    • Pyramid Shape Boxes

  • Printing - When it comes to printing, always choose a unique and memorable pattern, font, and general logo. Custom chocolate packaging with a unique logo and printing style will increase brand awareness and drive more chocolate sales.

  • Color - Choosing the right color scheme is also an important element for the design of your chocolate packaging. There is a lot of psychology behind color schemes and how consumers perceive your brand. Overall, using color psychology can help your business build a strong and reputable brand over time.

The following are some common colors and the positive emotions or perceptions they tend to provoke in consumers.

  • Red - Excitement, Passion, Energy, Action, Strength

  • Orange - Creativity, Adventure, Enthusiasm, Success, Balance, Friendliness

  • Yellow - Happiness, Positivity, Optimism, Warmth

  • Pink - Playfulness, Unconditional Love, Innovation

  • Green - Growth, Fertility, Health, Nature, Generosity, Prosperity

  • Blue - Stability, Harmony, Peace, Trust, Dependability, Security

  • Purple - Power, Nobility, Luxury, Wisdom, Spirituality, Sophistication

  • White - Innocence, Goodness, Cleanliness, Purity

  • Black - Mystery, Power, Elegance, Sophistication, Authority

  • Grey - Neutrality, Balance, Calmness, Timelessness

  • Brown - Comfort, Security, Authenticity, Reliability

  • Flexibility - You should also choose a design that will be flexible regardless of the size, structure, or material of your packaging. Having a design that is flexible across multiple mediums helps ensure that brand recognition is not lost among different sizes or structures of packaging.


Along with your custom chocolate packaging design, the materials that make up the packaging are also extremely important. Whether you decide to use bags, boxes, or anything in between, your chocolates must remain secure in the packaging material.

One of the best ways to ensure that your product does not break before the customer digs in is to use candy pads.

candy pad

Candy pads not only help prevent breaks in chocolate bars and candies, but they also help separate individual chocolates by creating a protective layer between them. Adding this protective layer also helps maintain the flavor of the chocolate over time. Luckily, regardless of what size or material you choose for your custom chocolate packaging, you can use various pads to keep the product safe, secure, and fresh.

The most common types of candy pads include layer types with customized thickness, including:

  • ​​3-ply

  • 5-ply

  • 7-ply

  • 9-ply

Overall, Candy pads are indispensable in custom chocolate packaging as they are made out of glassine paper. This paper is food-grade, recyclable, made in a dust-free plant, and generally made out of eco-friendly materials. It is also suitable for printing, remember to choose food-grade ink for printing.

If you’re looking for eco-friendly candy pads or just some ideas on how to give your custom chocolate packaging a new and improved look, check out Michael Package’s product selection today to learn more.

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