Custom Paper cushion pad for chocolate box

We customize paper cushion pad for every customer.

Paper cushion pads are always used in confectionery packaging,like chocolate box,cookies box.


You can call it "paper cushion pad " or "candy pad ","chocolate cushion pad ".

It is made of embossed paper and flat paper(top and bottom).3 ply,5 ply,7 ply with padding layers.Because of the construction of paper cushion pad.It can absorb shake during transportation.To protect fragile food like cookies,chocolates.


Paper cushion pads contact food directly.We use food grade material to produce paper cushion pads.The material is recyclable and ecofriendly. And our dust-free is situable for production of paper cushion pads.

In 2003,Michael Package exclusively invented the first production line of paper cushion pads in China.And we still occupy most of Chinese market of paper cushion pads which are used in chocolate box until today.And expanded our business to overseas markets, including Australia, Canada, the United States, Spain, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE...

  • 2ply, 3ply, 5ply, 7ply paper cushion pads

  • we can customize different thickness from 1.5 to 10mm

  • Printing up to 8 colours

  • Customize any shape

  • Material:glassine paper,foil paper,coated paper,all material are food grade.

  • Dust-free workshop

  • Production capacity:2 automatic production lines. 80,000 pcs/day

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