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We professional manufacture Candy pads and Paper cushion pads

Round candy pad for chocolate box.

Candy pads are used to protect chocolates, candies,  cookies. It fits nicely in the chocolate box.

3ply, 5ply, 7ply with padding layers, it can absorb shake during transportation. Candy pads are food-grade.

White, brown and black paper cushion pads.

We usually use paper cushion pads in the chocolate box to protect chocolate. But now, more areas have started to use paper cushion pads like medical, express. It replaces plastic bubbles, more eco-friendly.

About Us

Michael Package is a reputable manufacturer of candy pads and paper cushion pads.

And we have exclusive automatic production lines of candy pads. 4000 square meters clean plant, Heidelberg offset printing machine, die-cutting machine, dust-free workshop.

We have supplied high-quality candy pads to most parts of the world and got favorable customer feedback.

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